Our Story

Corporate Overview

Nashai Biotech was founded in 2001 in collaboration with Vanderbilt University. Headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee with offices in Irvine, California and Shanghai, China, Nashai is a product research, development, and procurement company for dietary supplements, over-the-counter medications, and active pharmaceutical ingredients.

Industry Leader

Nashai is the first company to identify the active ingredient (theaflavin) in tea that is linked to lowering cholesterol. Nashai has perfected a process for extracting high concentration of theaflavins from tea leaves resulting in Choleve®, our specially blended, proprietary product, . Choelve® has been proven through human clinical trials to reduce lipid levels in humans, as published in “Cholesterol Lowering Effect of a Theaflavin-Enriched Green Tea Extract”.

The Chinese Ministry of Health issued a health food license to Nashai Biotech in December 2002, representing the first license granted by the Chinese government in this category and the first license issued for theaflavins. This license authorizes Nashai Biotech to manufacture and market Choleve® in China, for the treatment of cardiovascular disease, especially cholesterol reduction.

Nashai also holds a number of trademarks, approved patents and pending patents for products and manufacturing processes to produce specially blended tea extracts.